Should You Build a Deck or a Patio?

With the weather getting nicer out, people are looking forward to entertaining guests outdoors. Building a deck or a patio can be a nice addition to a home, and provide enjoyment to a family for years to come.  A deck or a patio can provide a nice place for homeowners to socialize with their guests, grill out, and lounge around in comfortable chairs while enjoying the beautiful weather.

So if you’ve decided that a deck or patio is right for you, the next question is what route should you take?

Sometimes, people use the terms patio and deck interchangeably. But a patio is referred to as a space that is directly on the ground and has either concrete or stone bases. Decks, on the other hand, are made out of wood or vinyl and are usually raised above ground level.

Patios are generally cheaper to build than decks. According to HouseLogic, decks can cost about $33 per square foot, while patios can cost $15 per square foot. Of course, the cost is dependent on materials, location, size, and additional features.

The purpose you wish to achieve with your outdoor addition should determine the proper course of action. If you want to incorporate the landscaping into the design, a patio would work best. You can then add trees, shrubbery, and flowers around the patio to give it that feel of blending into nature.

If you have a wide open view that you want to highlight, a deck would work best, since decks can be built off the ground. Decks also work best if your house is built on a hill or the ground is not level beneath your house.

And if you are looking for a good return on investment, a deck addition could run up to 75 percent while a patio could return between 30 and 60 percent, according to HouseLogic.

Mark Strickland of Strickland Appraisal Services in Chester, VA notes, “The less elaborate and costly the improvement, the better your return on investment.”

Whether you choose to add deck or a patio to your home, let the team at Bauer Construction help you with your installation needs. We’ve been delivering high quality and affordable service since 2006, and are committed to providing our customers with a professional and hassle-free experience. Whether you need installation, disaster restoration or handyman services, no job is too big or too small for Bauer Construction. Call us today at 847-553-5331.

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