Signs of Storm Damage Around Your Home

Storms can be powerful. When they are, they can cause substantial damage to your home. In case you live in an area that is prone to storms, we have compiled a list of common sign of storm damage caused by wind or hail.

Roof Damage

Wind and hail can put a beating on your roof. One of the most tell-tale signs is lose or torn off shingles. If you have asphalt shingles, hail can bruise or dent them. Additionally, hail can cause dents in your roof vent.

Siding Damage

The type of siding you have can determine the type of damage caused by hail or wind. For instance, aluminum or vinyl siding can become dinged or dented. Paint can be chipped off the finish of the siding, or discoloration may occur. In severe cases, holes and breakage can occur to your siding.

Window Damage

Large swell, debris or hail can hit your windows, and can create various degrees of damage. You may see damage to the frame or pane of the window. You may also experience cracks or in worse case scenarios, breaks.

Additional Damage

Other aspects of your home may be damaged by wind or hail damage during a storm. You may see dents on your air conditioning unit. The heater cap of your home may also experience denting or dings.

If your home has experienced any sort of damage from a storm, Bauer Built Remodeling can help you with your repairs. In many cases, you home owner’s insurance can cover a fully renovated roof and new siding. Contacting Bauer Built Remodeling at (847) 553-5531 could help determine what extent of repair your home may need.

Don’t put off fixing any damage caused by a hail or wind storm. Your home can be looking new with work performed by Bauer Built Remodeling. If you have seen signs like roof damage, siding damage, window damage or anything else, call us today!

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