Is Your Home Ready for Summer?


Here comes summer. In many parts of the U.S., that means extreme heat. Even in more temperate climes, home owners will experience a thawing of the ground and record the warmest temperatures of the year. Houses and their foundations respond to the ebb and flow of the seasons in many ways. It pays to keep an eye on several parts of your home as summer arrives.

The team at SheKnows offers a quick check-list of summer home maintenance tips that everyone should think about. Consider these suggestions and add a few that are unique to your home if necessary. For example, do you have a greenhouse, or a Jacuzzi that needs special, seasonal attention? If so, add it to the following six items:

• Air conditioning units:
Be sure to check your filters at least once per month during the summer. Have an AC expert do a tune-up of your unit, to include cleaning the coils, topping off the refrigerant levels, inspecting the fan and looking for any fire hazards.

• Roof:
Eyeball your roof for any obvious signs of damage, discoloration or leaks. Anything unusual should be noted and pointed out to a pro who can do a more thorough inspection.

• Gutters:
Clean your gutters and again make notes about any damage or faulty connectors between sections. You should clean your gutters at least twice per year.

• Windows:
Clean and inspect all windows for air leaks, and to see that the weather stripping is in good shape. Even a tiny air leak can cost you plenty in AC bills, so keep an eye out for details during this chore.

• Exterior wash:
Give the outside of your house a good bath. If you have a pressure washer, all the better, but a standard garden hose can get the job done. Remember to cover any exterior electrical outlets, plants and windows before doing your pressure wash.

• Pool maintenance:
If you have a pool, pre-summer is the ideal time to make sure all working parts of your pump and related machinery.

If you notice anything unusual during your pre-summer inspection and maintenance tasks, be sure to call in a professional for jobs that you cannot easily do yourself. Better to spend a little money now that a lot later. And, by getting your home ready for the warm months you’ll be that much more alert when winter approaches.

It’s always a good idea to know the state of your home’s “health.” You’ll not only be more comfortable in hot and cold weather, but you’ll spend much less on maintenance by catching problems before they get out of hand.

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