Picking the Right tile for Your Kitchen or Bathroom


Questions We’ll Help You Answer

Below are some questions you’re probably asking yourself. Rest assured, we’ll answer them for you in this post, making sure you choose the right kind of tile for the right space in your home.

  • Why choose tile?
  • What types of applications can tile be used for?
  • What size tile will you need for your project?
  • What materials is tile made from, and what are the benefits of each kind?
  • What trim styles are available?

Why Choose Tile?

There are many options when it comes to flooring, each offering their own distinct advantages. For thousands of years, cultures and civilizations have been building tile floors for their long lifespan, indoor air quality, recyclability, and low maintenance.

Expected life span of tile flooring is 50 years, matched only by hardwood and marble.

What Kind of Tile is Best?

There are many different kinds of tile out there, and each one offers its own benefits. Here’s a quick summary of tile materials and what advantages they offer.

  • Natural Stone

Materials like granite, marble, slate, and carrara are naturally strong and tough. Polished natural stone like marble is ideal for low-traffic areas. Conversely, slate and granite are excellent choices for high-traffic areas. They have a no-slip surface that will keep traction even when wet. Carrara is an economical alternative to granite and slate, though it’s more likely to break. 

  • Porcelain

Useable both inside and out, porcelain is one of the most versatile tile materials there is. New printing technology can make porcelain tile any color you like. Resists water and can accept a traction-increasing coat.

  • Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are rated on the amount of moisture they absorb. Some kinds absorb lots, making them ideal for indoor areas. Others absorb very little. Quarry tile provides lots of traction and is good for indoor high-traffic areas. You can also add a layer of gloss to ceramic tile to bring the colors to life.

  • Mosaic

Mosaic tiles are the most expensive. The individual tiles are quite small, sometimes no more than 2 x 4 inches, and they’re made of a variety of materials to make colorful designs. Mosaic floors are great for bathrooms because they naturally create a sense of increased space.

What’s the Best Size?

Lately, tile trends have come to include larger sized tiles, such as 12 x 24, 18 x 24, and 36 x 36 inches. Obviously the smaller the side, the more opportunity there is for unique designs. Small size also means a higher price, so you’ll have to be practical.

What’s the Best Strength?

Tiles’ strength is measured by a rating system of one to five. One is the highest quality, with no flaws or defects, and five is the lowest quality.

A tile with a rating of one or two can be used on any floor or wall, but a tile with a three, four, or five should only be used for walls.


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