Quick Tips on How to Make Your Paint Project More Efficient

Some people may find painting a house or room fun. Some may find it a chore and dreadful. Whether you enjoy painting or not, we all want the best results as quick as possible. Just follow these simple tips to speed up your paint jobs while getting a great outcome in the end:

  • Use an extra wide roller. This one seems like a no-brainer. Using an 18” roller may not be for everyone, but if you have large ceilings and walls, this would make sense. Also a wide roller is supported on both edges which makes it easier to apply consistent pressure and avoid roller marks.
  • Replace your paint tray with a pail. Most homeowners use a paint tray when they do their jobs. Trays can be cumbersome to move around. However, a paint pail holds more than a tray. Along with that, they’re easier to move around. Plus, if you line the pail with a plastic, like a garbage bag, you have an easier cleanup process since all you have to do is bundle the plastic bag and dump the paint back in the can by slitting the bottom of the bag.
  • Don’t start in the corners. If you start in the corners, you’ll have too much paint in the corner and it makes it harder to spread out. Instead start about four to six inches away from the corner and use a brush to spread the paint to the corner for a smoother paint job.
  • Use a mini-roller and screen. A mini-roller is great to touch up areas where your big roller won’t fit. A small screen can be placed inside your paint can to help even out the paint on the roller.

If you find your paint project too much to handle and you are looking for some professionals to help you out, the team at Bauer Construction is ready to help. Call us today at 847-553-5331 or request a consultation online.

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