Wind Damage Restoration

Wind Damage Restoration

Severe storms are common throughout the Chicagoland area and it is important to know where to turn when your business or house experiences the effects of damaging winds and storms. We have years of experience dealing with wind damage restoration and restoration after severe storms.Wind Damage Restoration

Strong winds during storms can cause damage and devastation to many areas of a structure resulting in broken windows, shingles ripped from the roof, impact to entry doors, or even result in trees being knocked into the property or water damage.

Our trained professionals will help you restore your home or business from initial protective methods such as removing fallen trees and providing temporary roof tarps and boarding up windows and doors to transforming the home with new construction. We will cover all aspects of the home that may have been damaged during the storm from replacing windows to new roofing to rebuilding areas that may have experienced damage from trees. We can also provide extensive water damage restoration if you have experienced these issues to your home during the storm.

When restoring your home after wind damage we will make sure that your home is protected from further issues down the road. This includes installing shutters, doors, windows, garage doors, roofing, and additional bracing to provide the highest level of protection to your home to limit the amount of damage that may be caused by future storms.

We work closely with you and your insurance company during this process so that you can ensure that you are properly protected while getting the restoration you need for your commercial or residential property economically and under the coverage you have.

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