Disaster Restoration

Disaster Restoration

If areas of your home or business have been damaged as a result of fire, flooding, wind, or mold you may be in dire need of disaster restoration. The experts at Bauer Construction have extensive experience in both commercial and residential disaster restoration and will work with insurance companies and adjusters to make sure that the process of rebuilding is easy for you.

Fire Damage RestorationFire Restoration

A fire in your home or business can be a terrifying experience. We understand that renovating the area or areas damaged by fire and smoke can be stressful, but that it also allows homeowners and business owners to return to a feeling of normalcy and security. We will stick with you through the entire fire damage restoration process, not only restoring your property but also helping you with insurance paperwork and clarification along the way.

Fires can affect many areas of a home or business and it is essential that a professional evaluates the extent of the damage. An expert from Bauer Construction will be able to look for any structural compromises in the framework, beams, and other areas, neutralize smoke odors in the residential or commercial property, and develop a comprehensive solution that benefits you the most.

Water Damage RestorationWater Damage Restoration

Whether you have experienced water damage due to flooding, leaking pipes, failing appliances, or any other causes, we can help you with our water damage restoration services.

After experiencing water damage, your home can require extensive evaluation and repair to return it to its former state.

In many cases it is possible to restore your home through water extraction and removal. In cases of more extensive damage it may be necessary to perform removal of the damaged carpeting and drywall and replace them with new components. In some cases it may be necessary to perform a complete water damage renovation.

An essential part of restoration to commercial or residential property after water damage is to make sure that the new materials used during building are water resistant and flood proof to help limit the potential of further issues associated with water damage in the future.

Mold Remediation

Whether a result of recent or past water damage, it may be necessary to perform mold remediation on your home or commercial property to protect yourself, your family, and your employees from the dangerous health effects associated with mold.

Even when homes or businesses experience only minor exterior damage during severe weather it is possible to still see extensive mold infestation due to small leaks and inadequate air flow.

Skilled professionals from Bauer Construction will be able to perform proper mold remediation and removal through the most state-of-the-art methods using the latest tools and techniques.

Wind Damage Restoration

Damaging winds can result in small issues such as siding or shingles being removed.  Major issues that result in full roofs being removed or trees being knocked over and damaging your home can also be caused by wind damage. Bauer Construction can resolve these issues for you with our professional wind damage restoration services.

We will go through multiple steps to inspect and assess the damage and loss, remove any debris and extract any instances of water, clean and dry contents of the home, and repair and refinish any damaged areas from roofing to flooring.

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